Our Company motivates employees in order to reach their employees' career plans through Career Management, and supports the company's development and Human Resources planning practices.

KONSA, conducts its employees in Career Management based on their perception of transparency and realism, skills and competencies that affect their professional development and careers.

Within the framework of Career Management Practices, our aim is to determine the career paths of our employees, to announce the top vacant positions to employees frequently and to provide a proactive solution by creating an effective performance evaluation system.

In addition, career counseling services, training programs and various projects allow our employees to increase their work experience.

Career Management Principles at KONSA;

  • To prepare and increase the employees to fill the possible business gaps in Human Resources plans,
  • To accelerate the personal development of employees,
  • Meet employee's requirements of being noticed, dignity and education.
  • To ensure that managers and employees become teams in the career development process,
  • To provide performance increase by determining career goals,
  • Analyzing each employee according to their career development,
  • To inform and raise awareness about career development opportunities,
  • To inform employees of in-house opportunities in their careers,
  • Taking into consideration the interest of employees for their careers according to their age groups with the principle of career satisfaction,
  • Providing a fair promotion system by providing career equality.

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