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Career Management

KONSA Career Management both motivates employees to achieve their career plans and supports the company's development and Human Resource Planning practices.

KONSA performs evaluations that affect the professional development and careers of employees based on skills and competencies with a perception of transparency and realism. 

Within the framework of Career Management Practices, our goal is to determine the career paths of our employees, to announce vacant top positions to employees frequently and to provide proactive solutions by creating an effective performance evaluation system.

In addition, we enable our employees to increase their work experience through career counseling services, training programs and various projects. 

Career Management Principles at KONSA; 

  • Preparing and increasing the number employees to fill possible vacant positions from in-house staff,
  • Accelerating employees ' personal development,
  • Meeting employee recognition, respectability and training requirements,
  • Ensuring that managers and employees become teams during the course of career development process,
  • Ensuring performance improvement by setting career goals,
  • Analysis each employee according to their Career Development requirements,
  • Informing and raising awareness about career development opportunities,
  • Informing employees about in-house opportunities,
  • Considering the interest that employees may have in their careers according to age groups with the principle of career satisfaction.
  • Ensuring a fair promotion system by ensuring career equality,

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