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Performance Management

KONSA Performance Management aims to get better results from its employees and teams by tracking their performance via goals, targets and evaluations that are set in accordance with the strategic planning of the company, which is based on a dynamic process perception.

Performance Management covers planning and implementation stages in order to achieve our goals, improve our corporate effectiveness, increase the motivation of our employees, and ensure that our employees are successful in our training and career programs. 

Performance criteria are established in accordance with the structure and culture of the company, and after the company's strategic goals are determined, goal setting meetings are held based on different levels. In addition, measures are taken for target deviations that occur or are likely to occur at Performance Measurement meetings during the year, and the necessary revisions are conducted. At the end of the year, our managers, with our staff, initiate the performance and personal career development evaluation process and implement certain decisions for the identified aspects that need to be improved and changed. 

KONSA sets outcome-oriented planning criteria for the company and its employees to follow a successful path in achieving their goals. With these criteria, employees are moving forward with solid steps to the future with the desire and responsibility to learn more. 

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