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Recruitment Process

KONSA works with the understanding of placing the right candidate in the right position in order to pass on the experience that it has over a century to future generations.

Our company evaluates candidates based on their competencies in line with our vision, mission and values in the recruitment process and aims to place the right candidates in the right positions and thus improve the quality of working conditions.

After the recruitment process, a ‘Konsa Orientation Program’ is organized and implemented for our new employees, where the company and jobs are introduced.

The recruitment process is performed by our Human Resources Management with meticulous and planned work and is carried out within the framework of job descriptions, competencies, training, knowledge, skills and experiences prepared for each department after the vacant positions are determined. 

Candidates are given the following tests and evaluations with advanced interview techniques according to the established systematic methods.

  • Personality Analysis
  • Mental Typology Analysis
  • Competency (Managerial and Employee) Based Interview
  • English and General Aptitude
  • Case Practices

At the end of the evaluations, the correct candidate is placed in the correct position.
In order to correctly select and place the candidates, they are evaluated according to the ‘Employee and Executive Competence Criteria’. 

Our main objective is to ensure that we have new teammates who are open to change and development, relevant to our sector, will specialize in his/her business, have a leading spirit, decisively creative, prone to teamwork, think analytically, have a high ability to represent and develop and maintain ‘KONSA quality’in every sense. 

To start your career at KONSA or to continue your career at KONSA, you can send your resume to ik@konsa.com.tr.

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