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Training Management

The necessary training support within and outside the company is provided in accordance with the competencies, performance and development of our employees, with the data obtained in the effective “Performance Management System” that we implement, so that they can assume further responsibilities within our company and can plan their careers properly. We are organizing professional training programs aimed at supporting our individual and organizational development and improving our efficiency and performance together with the persons and organizations who are experts in their field. 

Konsa Academy programs are organized in our company that support our business development and Employee Development Goals. Konsa Academy programs are determined according to the development needs of the relevant departments and employee groups.

The programs consist of training sessions that support and complement each other. 

  • Konsa Ownership Academy,
  • Konsa Management (Leadership) Academy,
  • Konsa Sales Academy,
  • Konsa Academy for "Quality and Efficiency in Production and Operation",
  • Konsa Personal Development Academy

We are creating professional and personal development opportunities for senior management, colleagues who have just joined us, friends who are still working, executives and executive candidates according to their development needs decisively with the relevant academy programs. 

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