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We are Konsa

Our company was founded in 1920 by the late M. Nuri Yazıcıoğlu, the 13th member of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, as "Wholesale and Retail Grocery Store" in Istanbul Street, which was the commercial center of Konya at that time.

Our most important strength is our belief in quality and sustainable success in our products, services and communication. With this belief, in 1975, we expanded our consumer goods sales and distribution business, which we started as "Wholesale and Retail Grocery" in 1920, and became Yazıcıoğlu Wholesale Food Trade in 1975 in Konya Wholesalers Bazaar, where the late Mehmet Necati Yazıcıoğlu made great efforts to build and put into operation. In 1981, our company changed to the status of a Joint Stock Company and took the name "Konsa A.Ş". Since 1997, in parallel with the developments in the sector, it has switched to the Distributorship System together with its national and international business partners. 

In line with the investment decisions taken to realize our production and marketing vision; our Plastic Packaging production investment, which started in a 1500 m2 facility in Konya İmsan Industrial Site, has spread over a 15.000 m2 facility in Konya 3rd Organized Industry, of which 5.000 m2 is open area and 10.000 m2 is closed area within a short period of 2 years. Our company makes a difference in the plastic injection packaging sector with “Konsa quality” with its IML labeled packaging product series from 100 ML to 18000 ML. Konsa Packaging produces plastic packages for numerous regional and national manufacturers and international manufacturers. 

Konsa Packaging continues its R&D and P&D efforts with new machinery investments and new product types in line with the technological developments within the production sector and customer expectations.  Our company continuously works  to achieve its production, marketing and sales targets in different categories in domestic and international markets, by maximizing its product and service of "Konsa Quality". 

KONSA Packaging supports its facility investments with Konsa Academies, which aim to invest in human resources. Our company continues its investments in human resources with Konsa academies and professional support. With this understanding, our company has planned and implemented the academy programs according to basic needs and expectations. 

Within the framework of Konsa Academies, the following subjects have started to be implemented on a continuous basis with the educational content and programs planned every year according to the needs.

  • Konsa Ownership Academy,
  • Konsa Management (Leadership) Academy,
  • Konsa Sales Academy,
  • Konsa Academy for "Quality and Efficiency in Production and Operation",
  • Konsa Personal Development Academy 

Konsa Ambalaj A.Ş. has created the success it has achieved in foreign markets in general in the surrounding markets and is an exporter.

Konsa Packaging, with its board of Directors consisting of experienced and professional members and its young and dynamic staff, closely follows the developments in Business, Economy, Trade and the Sector Categories in the country and the world and continues its path with strategic planning and strategic management approach. 

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