KONSA Wage Management System is an international structure that is supported by fair and competitive understanding of all our colleagues within the company and in the same or similar sectors, taking into account the internal and external justice, and in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Our company adopts the Strategic Management Principles in order to increase the employees' belonging and performance and to increase their motivation and productivity. Acting in accordance with scientific and ethical rules, aims to maintain a structure that can adapt to the changing economic conditions in a short time. In this process, primarily the work standards and job standards are formed by defining positions and work.

Within the process of job valuation, ranking, classifying, grading the positions, scoring methods are applied and training, foreign language, experience, special knowledge and skills, taking initiative and problem solving, management responsibility, responsibility arising from errors, responsibility of representation and business relations, mental effort, physical effort, working environment, business risk factors are considered.

Within the structure of national and international approach, fair and competitive wage policies are determined by considering job evaluations independent from titles, persons, Local Wage Market Analysis, internal balances, sector and category wage and salary structure surveys. In this way, a Wage Management System approach has been adopted to ensure that the company targets and responsibilities are fulfilled with maximum efficiency by taking into consideration the differences in work and persons who do the work.

The principles that we adopt and implement within the Wage Management System:

  • Equal Wages Policy for Equal Work
  • Seniority Wage Policy
  • Objectivity Policy

Our company determines the employees who have shown high performance on a yearly basis by using the “Performance Management System” to motivate our more successful employees.


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