KONSA Food Cosmetics Logistics and Plastic Inc, using today's technology and
universal information by taking reference to international standards, constantly renewing and improving itself, by identifying risks and opportunities to work with all our customers, suppliers and business partners to overcome the awareness of mutual trust and satisfaction.

In All Our Activities;

  • To comply with legal legislation, legal regulations and customer requirements,
  • To continuously improve the processes we carry out in line with the quality management system and food safety management system,
  • To become privileged with “Konsa Quality” in the sector with all of our customers, suppliers and business partners in terms of deadlines, costs and hygiene features,
  • To give importance to education and teamwork in order to make all our employees become individuals who can use their talents at the highest level and to place quality awareness in all employees in this direction,
  • Commits to be an exemplary organization respecting the society and environment and to contribute to the national economy by continuously improving the business volume.

General Manager


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