Based on the data obtained from the effective “Performance Management System”, internal and external education support are provided for our employees to carry out further responsibilities within our company according to their competencies, performance and development. Together with persons and establishments who are experts in their fields, professional education programs are organized to support our individual and organizational development, aiming to increase our efficiency and performance.

In our company, Academy programs are organized to support Business Development and Employee Development. Academy programs are determined according to the development needs of the relevant departments and employee groups. The programs consist of educations that support and complement each other.

The Academy programs, which are ongoing in our company, according to the department and employee groups are,

  • Konsa Ownership Academy
  • Konsa Management (Leadership) Academy
  • Konsa Sales Academy
  • Konsa Quality and Efficiency in Production and Operation Academy
  • Konsa Personal Evolution Academy.

In our company, senior management, executives and executive (leader) candidates are still included in the relevant academy programs according to development needs for our colleagues and new employees who are newly joined to our company, providing professional and personal development opportunities.

What scientific and professional methods does KONSA benefit from when determining the need for education in the Education Management process, while managing the education process and evaluating the education results?

  1. Method of Measuring the Cost of Non-Education: It is mainly based on the measurement of the loss of income caused by the lack of education. The principle is the idea that lowering the education budget may be costly for organizations. Factors to be considered when calculating the cost of not providing education are; output, time, quality loss and expense increase.
  2. Method of Measuring the Cost of the Learning Curve: It uses the learning curve for individuals and, in essence, is based on comparison of different education methods. The exchange of knowledge and experience in individuals (between 0 and 100) is observed by this method. In principle, it is used as a strategic management approach. Especially after continuous repetitions, the education level of individuals increases. This positive situation also affects the level of productivity.
  3. Benefit-Expense Analysis Method: It is considered as one of the methods that collects educational expenses, performance results and the method that measures profit. In general, procurement / program development, training materials used for educated individuals and trainers, training equipment, travel and accommodation expenses, trainer's salary, staff salary for training and the workforce loss of a personel who receive training during training are examined as training costs. Production and quality increase, expenditure reduction, increase in customer satisfaction, excessive work load, minimum work accident, frequent presence of employees at work are considered as the components of benefit.
  4. Balanced Scorecard Method: Includes financial and non-financial critical success factors. It takes into account the factors affecting the current and future status of organizations. It combines customer satisfaction, internal processes of organizations, innovation and development activities with financial measurements.
  5. Kirkpatrick Method: In the Kirkpatrick method, at the first stage the satisfaction level of the participants in the education program, at the second stage the skills they learned in the education program, and at the third stage the behavior changes that the participants acquired through the education are measured. In the last stage, the fourth stage is the reflection of the behavior changes of the participants to our company.
  6. Phillips's ROI Model: 5th stage added to Kirkpatrick Model (Benefit-Income Analysis) and Phillips’s ROI Model are formed. Benefit-income analysis is performed with the data we obtained from ROI and Kirkpatrick Model.

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