Dear Customers, Business Partners, Suppliers and Employees,

With our late grandfather M. Nuri Yazıcıoğlu, since 1920 at the time we entered the business world in the fast-moving consumer goods sales and distribution sector, with our expert staff, experienced and successful managers; high quality, strong and reliable products and services, we touch the essence of many lives.

Our belief in quality and success is our most important strength to carry us forward. With this belief, in the sector of sales and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods that we participated as “Wholesaler and Retailer Grocery” in 1920, at Konya Wholesalers Center that our late father Mehmet Necati Yazıcıoğlu made an effort to construct and to put into operation in 1973, then we continued to grow and expand our business as “Yazıcıoğlu Wholesale Food Trade”,

With our determination to work and our willingness to succeed, in 1981, we became an Incorporated Company and became “KONSA INC.” and from 1997 our company started to work as a distributor of the manufacturer companies. We continue our marketing and distribution activities in Food, Cosmetics and Cleaning Products in Konsa Inc., Food & Cosmetics Business Unit. In the coming period, we are planning to include new and strong business partnerships with our win & win approach.

With the interest and reputation we have gained, we are improving our quality policy that we maintain both in product, service and communication. Business partnerships with many national and international brands and companies enabled us to learn together and gain a variety of success stories and experiences by working together. After that, we will maintain our understanding of value - added creating and sharing for our Konya, our region, our country and our society, with our production investment.

In 2016, we initiated the physical processes of Plastic & Packaging production and marketing with the decision of production investment that we have taken to realize our vision of production and marketing investment in the packaging industry. Our Plastic & Packaging production investment, which started in a facility of 1500 m2 in Konya IMSAN (Manufacturers Industry) Site, continues its production with a 6500 m2 plant in Konya 3rd Organized Industry in a short period of 2 years.

In our journey that starts with Retail Grocery, Wholesale Trade and Regional Distributorship, the “Konsa Quality” , which is created by our family and company values and our nearly hundred years of trade history, is sustained with our production investment in accordance with our vision and makes our world-class Plastic & Packaging production and sell it to our regional, national and international corporate customers.

Our desire for development, professionalization and institutionalization draws a path to success with the excitement of the opportunities created by the wind of change and we aim for great success.

As Konsa Plastic & Packaging Inc. with new machinery investments in line with customer expectations and new product varieties, we continue our P&D and R&D activities. “Konsa Quality” will maximize the quality of its products and services and by realizing the production, marketing and sales in domestic and international markets, different categories; we aim to take place more effectively in the markets and categories we operate.

Until the year 2005, we have become a stronger family business with the participation of our 4th generation members. Our late father Mehmet Necati Yazıcıoğlu stated in his will as “Hug each other and help. Do not quit each other, do not separate from each other. Maintain Konsa INC., grow with my grandchildren. They would keep it together. Do not pursue an ego case. Hold each other tightly. Do not leave the path of right.”

The essence of this will is all about our family maintaining this company with new investments to prepare for the future with confidence and write new success stories. As a family and as a company we have always taken the testament. Family Companies' place and importance for national economies is a well-known fact. It is critical for the Family Companies with such a great importance to survive and renew their lives according to the conditions of the day. Capital, manpower, experience and preservation of common past are very important factors in the continuity of Family Companies.

The key to the sustainability of the family business is to become "Institutionalized as a family" and to become “A system as a family company.” In the light of this fact, we have completed the “Family Constitution” which is the most important step of institutionalization and becoming a system as Konsa Family. In this way, we are now taking our steps towards our investments more confidently and we are moving on to a successful future in a sound and stronger way.

Company owners, managers, management trainees and employees for the needs of development;

  • Konsa Ownership Academy,
  • Konsa Management (Leadership) Academy,
  • Konsa Sales Academy,
  • Konsa Quality and Efficiency in Production and Operation Academy
  • Konsa Personal Evolution Academy,

With our training programs, we will continue to invest in our people and our company on personal development, institutionalization and professionalization.

In our family company, we care about the decisions we will take for the future of our company by taking into consideration the thoughts of the managers, creating a multi-voice, democratic working environment and participatory management style, enabling our executive managers to look at things differently than family members, expressing different thoughts and developing alternatives.

Improving our managerial skills, increasing our qualified workforce, ensuring the sustainability of our quality standards and within the framework of “Konsa Quality”, in terms of internalizing and spreading of “Konsa Corporate Culture”, we are committed to investing in our people that we believe has the most power and we continue our education.

On the basis of all our successes and breakthroughs, there are our imaginations, our self-confidence to realize our dreams, our innovation, our belief in research and development, our entrepreneurial spirit and, of course, our human value that we will never give up.

We know that the future will belong to ones that can read the rapid change in the world well, adapt to it, have strong dreams for the future and will be able to work tirelessly to realize these dreams.

As Konsa Family, our values, which we will leave as the most important legacy to our future generations, are as follows.

  • Honesty and reliability,
  • Equity,
  • Respect, tolerance and modesty,
  • Transparency and high communication,
  • Being visionary and progressive

I believe that the road we have taken and our understanding and of our vision, mission and values will be beneficial to all of our stakeholders that we share a sense of promising coalition and cooperativeness.

On this wise, I would like to thank all of our friends, trainers and advisors who have touched our mutual lives as the architect of our corporate development in our ongoing journey for our family and company for nearly 100 years.

I would like to thank my customers, suppliers, business partners and employees who have contributed to bringing our dreams to life and expressed our most important power to this day.

Best Regards,

Ahmet Yazıcıoğlu
Konsa INC. Chairman of the Executive Board


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